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Trafford General Hospital Basic Bobath course.

Fantastic group of therapists completing their Basic Bobath Course!

There was an upbeat and enthusiastic renewal of 'all things neuro-rehab' at the end of the Basic Bobath Course, in Trafford General Hospital, at the end of March. As we closed the course, the course participants were tired, but raring to go, and get back to their patient caseloads in their own work places, and make a difference to their patients' recovery. Having applied the theory of neurophysiology, motor learning, human movement analysis, and principles of rehabilitation to the patients on the course, we had some good successes, with patients standing and walking for the first time at the end of a weeks treatment sessions. The powerful clinical reasoning techniques and reflections on learning engaged and developed the therapists on the course, and the evaluation forms show that they were all satisfied.

If you want to develop your skills and improve your patient's recovery look at the courses available on the BBTA website, and come and join us:

If you are interested in applying for or hosting a Basic Bobath course, please contact the BBTA Office:



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