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Information for Patients

There are a number of neurological approaches used in the management of a neurological deficit. The Bobath Concept is one of the most commonly used approaches.

There are three levels of Bobath training:

  • Introductory modules

  • A three week long Basic Course held in two sections with a three month gap to present an individual case study

  • A one week long advanced courses (which can only be taken after the basic course)

Only on completion of all these levels can a physiotherapist use the designated term 'Bobath Trained'.


If you would like to see a neurological physiotherapist or occupational therapist you may be able to access one through the NHS or privately.

Searchable databases of physiotherapists:

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists -

Click on the link and the town, the county or the postcode where you would like to find a neurological physiotherapist as well as choosing the 'Neurology/Neurosurgery' in the 'Special Area of Practice' category.

Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice -

Click on the link and then click on the 'Find a Physio' button, then enter the town, county or post code where you would like to find a physiotherapist as well as choosing 'Adult Neurology' in the 'Area of Practice' category.

The names of the Physiotherapists that come up will have different expertise and experience.

Searchable databases of occupational therapists:

Below are some questions that you might ask when deciding on the most suitable therapist:

  • Do you see neurological patients?

  • Have you had any Bobath training?

  • If so what level of training have you reached?

If you would like to contact a Bobath Tutor working in private practice, please see details below:

Helen Lindfield - Heads Up - Surrey 

Sue Armstrong - Indigo Rehab - Wales 

Clare Fraser - Therapy Matters - Chester

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