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My Tutor Trainee Experience.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Alessandra Suozzi

Bobath Tutor Trainee, BBTA

When l decided l wanted to become a Bobath tutor l knew it was going to be hard work, but things that are worth trying usually are.

Our training has been delayed for obvious reasons happening in our world for the last couple of years; these times have been difficult for everyone. When we could finally start our training, it felt a bit surreal, having the go-ahead to assist in courses has been both a great relief and daunting at the same time. When the date of the ‘Introduction to the Bobath Concept’ course I was due to assist on, started getting closer, the stress started building up with a bit of fear invading my body. Fear keeps you on your toes and having it is not necessarily a bad thing, I told myself!

We finally get to the date and l am talking to Sue Armstrong, the tutor, before the participants arrive. She gave me a sense of calm and the feeling that everything would be alright, that she was there to help and not to see me sinking. Suddenly, the idea of having someone more experienced watching over me and providing as much or as little support as needed, feels great.

I loved every minute of it, sitting and watching her doing her thing so effortlessly while I am sitting taking notes in a very different way from when l was the participant on the course. This time l am learning how to pass the knowledge on to other people, but at the same time l keep learning new information myself. Having to present part of the course, and having to treat a patient in front of a lot of people, while verbalizing my ideas and rationale behind my treatment, is such a learning experience for me.

I knew it was going to be hard, and in fact it is harder than l thought it would be, but l felt supported all the way, not only during the teaching session, but before (having other tutors training us) and after (with my colleagues and current tutor trainees).

To me, the Bobath concept is a concept that allows us to understand how our nervous system works in more depth, and how our facilitation skills and therapeutic approach can change the patients impairments, and function.

I witnessed the tutor and course participants working together as a group of therapists, supporting each other to develop their clinical skills, caring about what they do, and above all, caring about their patients and their functional outcomes.

I can’t wait to assist on my first Basic Bobath Course, l am looking forward to feeling the pressure that will move me on again, to be a better clinician and teacher. This is only the beginning of what l can see will be a great journey in my career!

If you want to consider tutor training, and how it can develop you as a clinician and teacher, look at the BBTA website and get in touch with us on to discuss further.



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