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MNC Advanced Bobath Course Experience...

Postural Control and Functional Recovery of the Upper Limb @ Manchester Neurotherapy Centre

BBTA Tutors: Mary Lynch-Ellerington & Tim Walton

What a fantastic course we've had, therapists came from as far as Singapore, Switzerland and Bolton to attend this his 5 day advanced course which was held over 2 weekends at Manchester Neurotherapy Centre. There was a very open, supportive and positive learning atmosphere from the beginning with lots of questions and learning throughout. It started with a very detailed keynote lecture on functional recovery of the upper limb and hand and was followed by some great practical sessions covering postural control, shoulder girdle, reaching and distal control of forearm, wrist, and hand.

There were 2 interactive patient demonstrations and the opportunity for course participants to enhance their own skills in treating patients on the course. The feedback from both patients and therapists was extremely positive and it was very rewarding to see the positive changes made by the patients, many of whom were keen to sign up as ‘models’ for the next course!

Participant's experience...

"Thank you so much for your time and considerate manner throughout, I will take with me so much into my clinical practice and endeavour to help patients on their journey using the skills you have helped me develop."

"I enjoyed the structure of the course over 2 weekends, it allowed time to digest information and enhanced my learning."

"I really enjoyed the course despite it being very daunting. Both instructors were fantastic and worked so well. I have learnt so much in the 5 days! Thank you very much!"

"I found the split over 2 weekends worked really well to balance the course around family life and also split learning into more manageable chunks."

"I felt really at ease on this course – which facilitated my learning."

"The patient demonstrations were great to see treatment ideas and understand the Bobath tutors clinical reasoning."

"The practical sessions were a great way to embed knowledge further and practise skills. There were great opportunities to learn and gain support to practice analytical and practical skills."

"The course worked well over two weekends as it minimised time off work, but more importantly allowed us to practise on our patients whilst we were still on the course. This meant we could assimilate and apply the information and come back with questions."

Do you want to know more about postural control and upper limb function in your patients and build your skills in developing your patient’s upper limb function?

Why not join us on our next Bobath course to update and up-skill yourself; contact us via email:



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