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Advanced Bobath Courses

Advancing Clinical Practice

Course Fee: £600

How to apply

To apply for your chosen venue, please email to with the following:

  • Copy of your Curriculum Vitae (including CSP or BAOT number)

  • Copy of your Basic Bobath Course certificate

  • Provide your HCPC Registration Number

Would you like to host an Advanced Bobath course?

If interested please contact the BBTA office on

Join the waiting list 

Please contact the BBTA office on

"Thanks so much for being so open and generous with your time and knowledge. I hope my skills will continue to grow and I look forward to attending another Advanced Course in the future."

26th - 30th June 2023


Walkergate Park, Benfield Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4QD, UK

Advancing Clinical Practice: Optimising recovery in the arm and hand for neurological patients

Course Subject:

Clare Fraser & Debbie Strange

BBTA Tutor:

Course Organiser:

13th-15th & 21st-22nd October 2023


466 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Swinton, Manchester, UK

Postural control and functional recovery of the upper limb

Course Subject:


Mary Lynch-Ellerington & Tim Walton

BBTA Tutor:

Course Organiser:

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