Why I went into Neurological Physiotherapy
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Reflecting back over the last 33 years since I qualified I feel very blessed to have had a career that I have truly loved.


I always enjoyed neurological physiotherapy right from my first student neuro placement at the city hospital in Nottingham. The buzz seeing patients being enabled to regain the ability to function following Stroke fascinated me. Even though the ‘how’ it happened was all a bit of a mystery to me at that stage!


Once qualified and working at Park Hospital in Davyhulme, again, I enjoyed all the rotations but was always particularly excited by the life changing difference that Physiotherapy could make working with patients with neurological conditions.


I was lucky to have been given support to attend many courses during my junior and senior rotations, including, amongst others, peripheral and spinal Maitland courses and the ‘Introduction to the Bobath Concept’ modules and the ‘Basic Bobath Course’.


It was following these courses, while I was working two evenings a week at a private clinic in Manchester, near Granada studio (working with individuals who had sports injuries as well as a few Coronation Street stars!) that I decided neurological physiotherapy was definitely for me. 


What was the key attraction? Working in the day with individuals who had lost their lives, as they had known them, and needed help to rebuild them, felt such a challenge but also an honour. It also, at times, felt like a huge responsibility, and still does to be honest.


There is always so much to learn and there always will be new exciting novel therapies and developments in neuroscience that give us new insights to enhance our patients recovery, and our own learning.


I have never regretted the decision to work in neurology and feel very blessed to have been on the journey with so many inspiring patients who have totally exceeded both their own expectations, and mine. 


What a wonderful career!


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