Helen Lindfield
Since qualifying in 1989 the focus of Helens physiotherapy career has been in neurological rehabilitation and education. Her current post as professional lead at The Wolfson Rehabilitation Unit has allowed her to develop clinical and educational skills. As a part time lecturer at Birmingham University she has developed teaching and learning skills at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has written and taught a number of post graduate courses using the skills she developed through the completion of a postgraduate certificate in higher education in 2003. The experience she has gained at the university has allowed her to develop a large portfolio of courses using a range of educational approaches to create the optimal learning environment. Helen developed her research skills while completing her MSc in 1999. Her dissertation into the relationship between quality of life and balance has allowed her to develop a strong knowledge base in the areas of outcome measures, postural control and patient orientated practice. She has a special interest in the ability to link current research theory into clinical and educational practice. She has developed her research skills clinically through single case studies and educationally through the development of web based learning tools. This has lead to a number of publications and conference presentations including: Papers Davies A, Ramsay J, Lindfield H & Couperthwaite J (2006) A blended approach to learning: added value and lessons learnt from students' use of computer based materials for neurological analysis. British Journal of Educational Technology. Davies A, Ramsay J, Lindfield H & Couperthwaite J (2005) Building learning communities: foundations for good practice. British Journal of Educational Technology 36 4 615-627 Lindfield H (2002) Chronic shoulder pain in stroke. Are we missing the acupoint? Physiotherapy Research International 7 (1) 44-50 Conference Presentations Rudolph N and Lindfield H (2003) A critical review of the theoretical assumptions underpinning the Bobath approach and the motor learning approach. Chartered Society of Physiotherapists Congress Birmingham Poster presentation Ramsay JRE, Lindfield H, Couperthwaite J, (2003) The use of computer based learning in developing observational skills in undergraduate physiotherapy students. World Congress of Physical Therapy. Barcelona. Conference Paper.