• 10/02/20
  • 14/02/20
Advanced Bobath Course - Optimising Potential in the Subacute Stroke Patient
Advanced Bobath Courses

This advanced course will provide an opportunity to develop assessment and treatment skills in the area of stroke rehabilitation. There will be a particular emphasis on the development of mobility and transfer skills in the sub-acute patient.

Participants will develop advanced analysis and treatment skills with a focus on the development of postural control as a basis for patient functioning and task related activity.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Demonstrate advanced clinical reasoning skills in the assessment, treatment and management of stroke patients using the Model of Bobath Clinical Practice (MBCP).

2 Apply and use the evidence base for stroke rehabilitation with consideration of early intervention to optimize recovery of function and mobility.

3 Deepened their knowledge and understanding of postural control and kinetic chain as a basis for efficient movement transitions supporting independent transfers.

4. Develop an appreciation of the importance of movement transitions in the development of a patient’s functioning and task related activity.

5. Develop the specificity of their handling skills and be able to integrate active postural transition and functional performance.